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All Good Things is a nonprofit organization that strives to ease the burden on case managers and clientele alike with the support of direct money management and connection to social services.  Our mission is to keep our clients safely housed and financially stable allowing people to comfortably move forward in other areas of life.  Dependent on an individual's need, we provide Daily Money Management Services as well as representative payee services.

Jenn Weekes, the Founder and Executive Director, moved from Boston after 8 years as Director of a large nonprofit organizational representative payee and money management program.  She successfully managed over 120 client accounts along with money management volunteers working throughout the community.

Our Board of Directors has an array of experience and knowledge of the nonprofit world.  They are professionals in legal and executive management positions throughout Orange, Durham and Chatham counties.


We share a passion to move our clientele from daily stress and crisis to balance and security.

Individual Budgeting
We will create a unique budget with every client to ensure rent and bills are paid on time each month.  We will also send personal spending money to the client on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
Connect with Resources
We will work with each client's case manager to find supportive services in the community to meet their needs.
Financial Stability
The peace of mind gained with our money management services allows our clients to have the opportunity to work towards personal goals.



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P.O. Box 52057

Durham, NC 27717

Tel: 1-984-244-0998

Client meetings are by appointment only.

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