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Our Services

Organizational Representative Payee services:

We are approved by the Social Security Administration to directly pay client rent and bills from their SSA, SSI and SSDI benefits. 

Financial Literacy classes:

We are available to speak to groups about basic money management concepts.

Organizational Representative Payee

Each client has an individualized budget that includes weekly personal spending money.  The client meets with an All Good Things staff member and their social worker or case manager to review bills and formulate a monthly financial plan.  The monthly fee for this service is decided by the Social Security Administration annually.

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Financial Literacy

This class is an introduction to daily budgeting.  We address an array of topics based in the needs and requests of the group:  Income vs. Expense, Tracking your spending, Want vs. Need, Emotional spending, Healthy spending, and Spotting scams are just some of the topics that we can cover.

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